**~~All payments that are made to Web Depot Internet Solutions are non-refundable~~**

Domain Registration

We cannot guarantee domain name availability. When you make a request for a registration you should not assume it is successful until you have written confirmation. We have the right to refuse registration at our discretion.

Domain registrations are governed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
ICANN’s terms and conditions and UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) are published at http://www.icann.org/dndr/udrp/policy.htm .

Registration of a domain name is subject to a separate agreement with the domain registry. When you purchase a domain name, you agree to comply with all relevant registry agreements.
Domains registered with OpenSRS are subject to the terms and conditions published at http://opensrs.com/resources/contracts/exhibita.htm .
Domains registered with eNom are subject to the terms and conditions published at http://www.enom.com/terms/agreement.asp .
For .UK tld domain names, the registry is Nominet. Their terms and conditions are published at http://www.nominet.org.uk/ and their domain dispute resolution policy is published at http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/drs/policy/
For .IE tld domain names, the registry is the IE Domain Registry (IEDR). Their registration policy is published at http://www.iedr.ie/RegistrationPolicy.php and their domain dispute resolution policy is published at http://www.iedr.ie/IEDRP-Policy.php .
Applicants for .IE domain names must provide acceptable documentation as detailed in the IEDR registration policy. The documentation should be sent to our support team, and we will then submit it to the IEDR for processing. Please ask our support team for advice if you are not sure what documentation is required for your application.
If an application is queried by the IEDR, the applicant will need to submit further documentation. The IEDR will hold an application for 27 days to allow time for the the applicant to submit documentation before the domain name is released for anyone else to register.
If an application is definitively refused by the IEDR, we will refund the domain registration fee to the applicant. We will not refund .ie registration fees in any other circumstances, however we will offer an account credit equal to the value of the registration fee.

If you are uncertain which terms and conditions are relevant for your domain name, please contact us.

We will not be liable for any loss of registration, use of your domain name or for misuse by you; we may suspend or cancel domain registration if we believe a client is breaching our agreement.

If we cannot successfully charge you for outstanding domain name fees, Web Depot Internet Solutions may reject requests to change the domain’s nameservers or to transfer the domain to another register.

Network Usage

We cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, security or consistency of information stored on our systems. Clients agree that we are not liable for loss or damage to their data; they agree to keep master copies of files on systems where they bear responsibility.

You agree to only use our network for lawful purposes. You are responsible for anyone accessing the network using your account. You will only use the resources allocated to your account and you will not infringe on the rights of third parties by using resources excessively.

You agree to comply with the appropriate terms and conditions of third party services provided by us.

We agree to do the utmost possible to protect our network from unauthorised access. This may include blocking or re-routing access to our servers for security.


Clients who chose to resell our services are obliged to ensure their customers are aware of terms and conditions that reflect our current policy. All responsibility for your resold services lies with you.

Closure Procedures and Exceptions

Clients who wish to close their account must notify us via email or by opening a support ticket in the client area. They should ensure we receive their request at least 48 hours before their account expires. All client data will be removed upon account closure. We are not required to provide SLA guaranteed service to clients in default of their contractual obligations.


Our services are governed in accordance with Irish law. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of Irish courts.

Payments are due in advance for all services. You will ensure your payment is with us before the due date, in the correct form and currency. You agree to notify us if any error has been made.
Termination and Refunds

You agree for us to suspend, withhold or terminate your services immediately, without notice and at our discretion, if:

* You do not pay,
* We believe you have breached our agreement,
* You declare bankruptcy, fall into liquidation, or you are believed to be legally insolvent.
Refunds are given at our discretion. Many services such as SSL certificates and domain names can never be refunded.

Limitation of Liability

We accept no liability for any financial loss. You agree that our total liability does not extend to any more than the amount you have paid for the relevant services.

Network Hardware

Web Depot Internet Solutions’ network is connected via multi-homed 100mbps unthrottled connections. A typical system on our network has Western Digital hard disk drives and Intel Xeon processors. Our network has redundant hardware and power supplies. Our servers have state of the art firewalls. Our co-located servers can benefit from UPS protected power and backup diesel generators. Our datacentres have CCTV, secure card areas, air conditioning, fire suppression and smoke detection systems. They are monitored 24/7.

Our network is multi-homed by up to 10 high speed data carriers to give further reliability. We are connected through Global Crossing, Verio, Sprint, AboveNet, Level 3, UUnet, AT&T, Allegiance, Broadwing and Time Warner.

Network Uptime Guarantee

We are proud to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. While unlikely, it is possible that we may experience some downtime lasting no more than a few minutes.

We will refund 5% of the Client’s monthly fee for server downtime lasting over 5 minutes. To be eligible for a refund the Client must email our support desk with details of possible downtime. If the problem is within our control, we will measure the time it takes to be fixed. Refunds will be at our discretion.

This uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance, server hardware failures which may take longer to fix, and network infrastructure problems that is beyond our control.

Server Hardware Guarantee

Dedicated server clients are eligible for our Hardware Guarantee. If a hardware component included as part of the Client’s dedicated server hardware configuration fails during the term of our contract, we will replace it at no charge to the client.

We aim to replace defective hardware within 90 minutes of identifying the source of the problem. In exceptional cases replacement will take longer.

We will refund 10% of the Client’s monthly fee for hardware failure lasting over 4 hours. We will measure the time taken to fix the server. Refunds will be at our discretion.

This guarantee covers the power supply unit(s), cabling, CPU(s), motherboard, hard disk drive(s), modem(s), network card(s), and disk controller(s). This guarantee excludes time taken for data recovery or data restoration.